Prayers go out to 2 Chainz as he mourns his beloved dog. Hitting Instagram, 2 Chainz penned the message stating he is “crushed” after his dog of 9 years passed away.

“Can’t believe im even saying this man im crushed like a mf man this my heart right here I have had @trappygoyard for 9 years we have traveled and kicked it all over the world and he is no longer here mannn Shit hurt me no cap , feel like a person passed away , I love my dog he was so smart and laid back !! I have so many items and memories of Trappy , can’t believe I won’t hear you snoring no more , I know for a fact we influenced many people to try to get a dog that looked and acted like you , it could never be another Trappy that’s was so sad to me I l loved my dog more than some people I know #restinpeace @trappygoyard”

– 2 Chainz

Trappy appeared on Most Expensivest with 2 Chainz throughout the years and traveled with the rapper over the years. You can peep Trappy’s origin story below. Rest in peace to Trappy.

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June 6, 2023

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