Adidas has finally shut down the YeezySupply website, finalizing the end of their partnership with Kanye West. The move comes months after the footwear company ended their partnership with Ye after his anti-semitic tirade last year.

While the link to the website is still searchable, the URL no longer directs users to a functioning domain. Instead, users are given an “error” message.

Yeezy Supply is officially gone

— Nice Kicks (@nicekicks) February 1, 2023

While the website may be gone, Adidas is reportedly sitting on half a billion dollars worth of Yeezy inventory. After they announced the end of their partnership with Ye, Adidas Chief FInancial Officer Harm Ohlmeyer said that Adidas would be releasing the Yeezy stock as early as 2023 but without any Yeezy branding, despite the branding on the shoes being minimal, and in some cases, unnoticeable.

“Let me be clear, we own all the IP, we own all the designs, we own all the versions and new colorways,” Ohlmeyer said. He added that Adidas would be saving $302 million in marketing and royalties since they no longer have to pay the Yeezy business.

Despite being stripped of his billionaire status, Ye seems relatively unfazed by being dropped by every company he was partnered with. He has been relatively quiet since only dropping a couple of songs not on DSPs and being caught in videos arguing with paparazzi.

Despite the ending of his partnership with Adidas, Ye still owns the Yeezy name and still has s dedicated fanbase that is eagerly waiting for him to drop new apparel.

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February 3, 2023

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