Angie Martinez will be joining forces with the world-renowned oral care brand Listerine and their creative partner, Compound, to launch a groundbreaking initiative known as The Whoa Collection. This unique endeavor aims to bridge the diversity gap in the field of dentistry.

While more than 12% of the United States’ population identifies as Black, shockingly, less than four percent of dentists belong to this community. This underrepresentation is not only a disheartening reflection of the larger disparities in the healthcare industry but also has real consequences when it comes to oral health care access.

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Reports indicate that a staggering 40% of Black adults in the U.S. are living with untreated dental cavities. These disparities in oral health care access have far-reaching effects, impacting the overall health and well-being of individuals and communities.

The Whoa Collection aspires to address these inequities head-on. By increasing the number of practicing Black dentists, LISTERINE aims to positively impact the understanding, behaviors, and access surrounding oral healthcare. The initiative recognizes that increasing diversity in the dental profession is a critical step toward achieving oral health equity.

As part of this inspiring effort, LISTERINE has partnered with acclaimed artist Saladeen to infuse creativity and passion into the cause. Saladeen’s artistic vision is brought to life through limited-edition bottle art, exclusive merchandise, and a captivating painted canvas.

“A compound is something that organically brings things together, and The Whoa Collection is an embodiment of that. It’s an honor to join Listerine and blend music, art, and oral health care in a way that helps the community while delivering that whoa feeling!” – Set Free Richardson, founder of partner agency Compound

The limited-edition bottles, adorned with Saladeen’s distinctive artwork, are now available for purchase at Target, with Walmart joining the initiative in October. Additionally, the original canvas, a testament to the power of art in advocacy, will be auctioned off during a charity event taking place on September 14th in Brooklyn.

To engage the public and create awareness around this important mission, LISTERINE will offer limited-edition kits. These kits will include the artistic bottle, a custom-designed robe and slippers, and background information on the cause. Details on how to participate in this exciting giveaway will be announced soon.

In addition, music sensation Thundercat has contributed a bold and innovative track that captures the essence of LISTERINE’s “whoa” feeling. This extraordinary musical piece incorporates the sounds of swishing, cap twists, pours, and more, creating a unique auditory experience.

The track will be available on various digital channels, including artist social media profiles, SoundCloud, and, allowing supporters to immerse themselves in this creative expression of oral health advocacy.

Up to $150,000 in proceeds generated through The Whoa Collection will directly benefit Increasing Diversity in Dentistry (IDID), a dynamic nonprofit organization dedicated to the development, mentorship, and retention of Black dental professionals.

The upcoming panel discussion surrounding the issues seen in the lack of diversity in dentistry will feature:

Angie Martinez (moderator)
Set Free Richardson, Founder of The Compound
Joahne Carter, Commercial Leader, Oral Care (Kenvue)
Dr. Zerita Buchanan, Assistant Director, IDID  
Former/current IDID students

Displays of the artistic creations of The Whoa Collection’s artists King Saladeen, Thundercat, and Set Free Richardson

Live auction of King Saladeen’s canvas that inspired the bottle art
and a special performance by DJ Clark Kent

The post Angie Martinez, DJ Clark Kent + More Join Forces With Listerine X Compound To Present ‘The Whoa Collection’ first appeared on The Source.

The post Angie Martinez, DJ Clark Kent + More Join Forces With Listerine X Compound To Present ‘The Whoa Collection’ appeared first on The Source.

September 12, 2023

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