Gunna is back outside, popping up at the Miami HEAT game and seemingly enjoying his freedom, but everybody isn’t happy for him. Among that group is Boosie Badazz.

Appearing on an upcoming episode of The Big Facts Podcast, Boosie suggests the rapper moves to another country if he hopes to continue his career. During his conversation, Boosie also pointed to a screenshot between go-to YSL producer Wheezy Outta Here who called the rapper a rat. After that, Boosie had a very strong wish for Gunna.

“I don’t want no rat to excel,” Boosie said. “I hope he never sell a record again. I really hope he never sells another record again.”

Boosie says Gunna is a premeditated rat #Boosie #gunna #youngthug #ysl #lilbaby #guccimane #future #atlanta

— Real Wicked Media (@Realwickedmedia) May 31, 2023

This is far from the first time Boosie has spoken on Gunna. He previously called him rat directly after the Alford Plea was made, though all informants should have the “Hip-Hop Rat Tour,” and also wants to direct a YSL Rico film.

Gunna was at the epic Game 6 clash between the Boston Celtics and Miami HEAT. Gunna was spotted sitting courtside in Miami in a Black Tank, mixing it up with other fans.

Gunna has undergone a metamorphic transformation in his appearance, which is an extreme change from how his fans are used to seeing him. Now, besides roasting him about the RICO case and his alleged cooperation, fans and critics alike are saluting him for his healthy, new look.

A recent photo of Gunna has surfaced online

— Kurrco (@Kurrco) May 15, 2023

This comes after Gunna only served only a few months of his five-year sentence for his participation in the racketeering charges against several members of YSL, including Young Thug, who is still behind bars in the Fulton County Jail.

The YSL RICO trial is currently underway.

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June 3, 2023

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