Brittney Griner cut off her trademark dreadlocks. In a new update, the reason for the chop while in Russian custody was that her hair kept freezing in the bitter cold of the Russian penal colony where she was held.

According to ESPN, Griner’s hair was cleaned up by the San Antonio Spurs’ barber. She cut off her hair two weeks ago.

According to Lindsay Kagawa Colas, Griner cut her hair because she expected to be in the colony for a while.

Griner also returned to the basketball court on Sunday, dunking immediately after touching the ball. While Griner was in jail in Moscow, she denied a basketball because she said she was not ready to think about the game.

“There’s no timeline on her return at this point. She’s reintegrating into a world that has changed for her now,” Colas said. “From a pure security standpoint she’s not going to be able to move in the world the way she did. It’s not a fate that she asked for, but I think she’s going to try to utilize her fame for good.”

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December 12, 2022

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