Hey Ice Spice, Chance the Rapper wants to know did you diss him. In Spice’s “In Ha Mood” single, the Bronx rapper uses a creative spin on the Chicago emcee’s name.

“He a rapper, but don’t got a chance/Stuck in my ways so I’m lovin’ my bands,” Spice spits.

Hearing it, Chano hit Instagram with a question: “Is this a diss or a shoutout”

Ice Spice would respond “Never” to the diss option.

Ice Spice clears up Chance The Rapper’s concern with her possibly dissing him in her track “In Ha Mood” in a reference line pic.twitter.com/IvXCXSXeu3

— The Chicago Wave (@TheChicagoWave) January 29, 2023

Ice spice returns to the streets of New York for her latest video “In Ha Mood.” In less than a week, the video has already hit two million views, showcasing just how bright the Ice Spice star is shining.

In the video, Ice Spice hits a Bodega in B.B. Simon belts before hitting a photo studio for a snowy photoshoot. You can see it below.

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January 31, 2023

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