Cuba Gooding Jr. avoided his rape accusation court case by settling the lawsuit minutes before the trial began.

Cuba Gooding Jr. was accused of rape in 2013, the lawsuit was filed in 2020. On Tuesday (June 6), ahead of the trial beginning, the actor reached a settlement with his accuser. According to The Associated Press, the official court record stated, “Reason for cancellation (on consent): the parties have resolved the matter.”

The woman was anonymous throughout the leadup to the trial but would have had to reveal her identity at the beginning of the trial, as ruled by Judge Paul A. Crotty last week.

Variety originally reported Gooding Jr. invited the woman to his hotel room and began to undress in front of her. He would then block her exit and push her onto the bed before raping her. She sued the actor, but the amount of the damages was not disclosed.

Previous attorneys for Gooding Jr. expected the case to be dismissed, citing it was “false and perjurious.” However, the case made it to the eleventh-hour cancellation.

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June 7, 2023

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