Today, Doja Cat unleashes her latest rap sensation, “Balut,” via Kemosabe Records / RCA Records, fueling excitement for her upcoming fourth studio album, Scarlet, scheduled for release on Sept. 22nd. And the beat is def one that Griselda and lyricists across the game will want to get their hands on. Doja does it well, floating across what will be the album’s closing track after a few toxic words from Ric Flair at the beginning.

To add to the anticipation, a life-sized replica of Scarlet will be making surprise appearances at various locations across the United States over the next week, leading up to the album’s official launch. Fans can see a replica of Scarlet below.

At each pop-up location, fans will discover a QR code offering an exclusive first listen to Doja Cat’s highly anticipated new record. This immersive experience connects fans with the artist and builds excitement for the upcoming album release.

With “Balut” setting the stage, Doja Cat’s Scarlet promises to be a thrilling addition to her discography, showcasing her ever-evolving artistry and unique blend of rap and pop. Stay tuned for more surprises as the release date approaches, and fans across the country get a taste of Scarlet before it officially drops.

The post Doja Cat Gets Her Bars Off on “Balut” Single from Forthcoming ‘Scarlet’ Album first appeared on The Source.

The post Doja Cat Gets Her Bars Off on “Balut” Single from Forthcoming ‘Scarlet’ Album appeared first on The Source.

September 15, 2023

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