This past summer, a rumor floated that Drake was arrested in Sweden. Turns out he wasn’t arrested, but an encounter did occur. Drake was overseas in July and rumors stated The Boy was arrested after being found with marijuana. Sweden is notably the same place that held A$AP Rocky in custody, leading to then-President Trump attempting to show force but possibly making the case worse.

Days later, Drake hit Instagram and shared images from his overseas travels, including a trip to Ibiza. In the slideshow, Drake shared a note from the Swedish National Police Board titled “Information for Those Suspected of a Crime and Subsequently Detained.” It’s possible Drake was held for a short period of time but never fully taken into custody.

Drake confirms he was recently arrested in Sweden .

— MMarcel’s Musicblog (@m_musicblog) July 17, 2022

In a wrap-up of his New Year, Drake went further and shared a video of himself being taken into custody by Swedish officials.

Drake posts footage of when he was arrested in Sweden earlier this year.

— Hip Hop Ties (@HipHopTiesMedia) December 31, 2022

You can see the full recap here.

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January 2, 2023

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