Last week model Anansa Sims’ ex husband, David Patterson Jr., filed a lawsuit against her fiancé, retired NBA player Matt Barnes. The lawsuit came after a spitting incident at a football game where video captured shows

Anansa wrote:

I’m exhaling, because I hate making private matters public, but in this case our personal family matters are already public. Co-parenting can be challenging and I’m sure those of you who are on the journey to getting to a healthy place for our children can understand and relate. This is not one incident, this is a series of several incidents. It’s been heartbreaking for me to sit back silently and watch the way this has played out knowing the truth and history behind the altercation. I hate that after years of my Ex Husband harassing Matt and I, that he finally provoked Matt into reacting. I know this is a lot to read, but if you take the time to read each of the 10 slides you’ll have a better understanding of what we’ve been going through. For wherever there is jealousy & selfish ambition, there you will find disorder & evil of every kind. James 3:16

In a written note on the post she continued:

“Matt doesn’t deserve this negative backlash. My Ex Husband David Patterson has been harassing Matt and I for years. The harassment from David escalated after our Christmas engagement.”

“In the month of January alone my Ex has called the police to our home 5 times on false claims of us having a scheduled visit. Each time I’ve shown the different officers our Talking Parent messages confirming that we in fact did not have a visit scheduled. This has been extremely traumatizing for our children and neighbors.

In August my Ex Husband while hysterically crying told our 3 children 8, 9 and 11 that he was never going to see them again. He later that same day text my Mother, Matt and I and said that he was giving up his 50/50 visitation rights.

In fear I rushed over to pick up our kids who he said he would have on his porch waiting. In August David said since we couldn’t agree on our 8 and 9 year olds football team he didn’t want to babysit our children and that Matt and I could have them full time.”

Sims continued, “This is all documented with the court. A week later in August he threatened to come up to their football practice with his Glock handgun to confront me and the head coach of our sons team. I filed for a restraining order the next day.

In November 2022 I was granted a 3 year restraining order against my Ex which the Judge included our children for their safety. David was placed on supervised visits due to the nature of the restraining order. My Ex Husband threatened to run me over with his car and gladly watch all the blood leak out of my body. He said this to me in front of our children at their baseball tryout.”

Sims added, “He also threatened to kill Matt with his Glock multiple times in front of our children. Thankfully I was able to record him saying these threats on video, which in addition to his other disturbing behavior aided in the Judge granting me with the restraining order on him.

In addition to threatening to kill Matt and I on numerous occasions, David also made heinous false detrimental accusations to authorities against Matt’s twin sons. When my Ex Husband came after the twins I was furious and I knew he would not stop.

Sims added, “This is the 2nd restraining order I’ve had to get on my Ex Husband. In 2017 the judge granted me with a 3 year restraining order due to domestic violence and David threatening to kill me and himself multiple times.

David has said in text message recently that he was going to end Matt’s podcast and ESPN career, so when I learned about the altercation at Levi stadium I knew David was trying to bait Matt into hitting him.

My Ex Husband had just sent police officers to our home davs before that game on false scheduled visit claims. It’s public knowledge that Matt is a huge 49ers fan and David knew Matt would be at the game. Giving David an opportunity to approach Matt. David started the altercation, which resulted in Matt’s response.

Unfortunately, the cameras only captured Matt’s reaction, not the whole incident.”

Watch the video below,

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January 30, 2023

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