Former NFL star Vontae Davis is shown sleeping near a car wreckage he allegedly caused by drunk driving his Tesla.

TMZ states Davis allegedly rammed his car into the back of a Toyota truck causing the major accident. In pictures from the crash scene, Davis is sleeping on the pavement as crews clean up the wreckage.

Witnesses at the scene state Davis remained asleep at the scene until he was placed in a car, where he began to regain consciousness. While inside the car, officers would tell him he was being arrested for a DUI.

“Your eyes are bloodshot,” the officer said. “Your speech is slurred. You can barely stay awake. All right? You almost killed somebody.”

Vontae Davis to cops on DUI arrest: “Why you gotta do that? I was here the whole time having a good time.”

Denies he almost killed somebody on the side of the road.

— Andy Slater (@AndySlater) February 6, 2023

Davis would admit to drinking two “mixed drinks” before driving but does not remember the accident.

Vontae Davis slept on the side of a FL highway after (allegedly) causing an accident Saturday morning around 7:50AM. The former Pro Bowler was arrested for DUI. Davis told cops he had 2 “mixed drinks” at a club, which he said he left at 2AM, almost 6 hrs before the wreck.

— michael j. babcock (@mikejbabcock) February 8, 2023

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February 13, 2023

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