How often do you say, “You thought I was feeling you?” randomly in a day? Ice Spice is getting ready to drop off some more new tunes for you, announcing her EP.

Speaking with Rap Caviar, Ice Spice said she is excited about the forthcoming release, and it will be six songs.

“I’m excited for this new music. I’m about to put out an EP. It’s about to be like six songs,” Ice Spice said. “‘Bikini Bottom’ is on there, and then there’s some that people haven’t heard. It’s about to be a vibe. Visuals coming with it, too. Yeah, a bunch of content around it. It’s lit.”

You heard it here first, new @icespicee_ EP is on the way! #RapCaviarPodcast

— RapCaviar (@RapCaviar) November 16, 2022

The TikTok audience is in a frenzy as Ice Spice asks a new question on her new song “Bikini Bottom” after achieving success with the viral hit “Munch (Feelin’ U)” (523.7K+ creations): “How can I lose if I’m already choose (like)?” In mid-October, “Bikini Bottom” was previewed on TikTok and currently has over 39.2K+ creations.

@icespicee lmk if ya fw this #fyp ♬ Bikini Bottom – Ice Spice

Creators were inspired by the song’s cartoonish beat to pose like cartoon characters and scamper around their homes.


Ngl it’s catchy as hell

♬ Bikini Bottom – Ice Spice

The single also hit Halloween inspiration for Spongebob Squarepants and Ice-Spice costumes.

By incorporating the song on their TikTok profiles, musicians like Saucy Santana and Coi Leray showed their appreciation to Ice Spice.


♬ Bikini Bottom – Ice Spice


♬ Bikini Bottom – Ice Spice

You can see the official video below.

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November 18, 2022

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