A Memphis man was arrested for a shooting during Lil Baby’s Memphis concert. According to AP, 22-year-old Kevin Young was arrested Wednesday for reckless endangerment.

Adding to Young’s troubles, police also charged him with unlawful possession of weapons and drugs at his home. Inside his home, guns, ammunition, and drugs were found. Two other people were inside the home and were also arrested.

Young is stated to be a known gang member, also known as Kato2tymes. His attorney, Mike Scholl, states he did not commit the crime.

“Our position is he did not do this and there was someone else that was there,” Scholl said. “Someone had a gun in there and we’ll hopefully get to the bottom of who it was.”

According to Action News 5, the shooting was “premeditated,” and the victim was a target. Young was also previously arrested for first-degree murder and aggravated assault.

Inside his home, Scholl had a Glock19, two Glock 19s with extended magazines, Glock 43 9mm, Smith and Wesson MP-15 with 100-round drum magazine and brass catcher, Aero Precision x-15 .30 blackout, Del-Ton DTI-15 rifle with a 100-round drum magazine, several rifle magazines, and pistol magazines and ammunition.

Young is currently being held without bond.

According to ABC 24 Memphis, police responded to a shooting at the arena located at 191 Beale Street, where a man was found critically injured. Everyone was cleared from the building after the incident.

The injured man was transferred to Regional One Health Medical Center.

Lil Baby and Rylo exit the stage as shots rang out inside of their concert leaving a man in critical condition. pic.twitter.com/Ioh7jLfOec

— Rap Alert (@rapalert6) September 8, 2023

Footage leaks of the shooting that occurred at Lil Baby’s concert in Memphis pic.twitter.com/OaAeNrriTP

— No Jumper (@nojumper) September 8, 2023

Shot At Lil Baby Concert Memphis Tennessee pic.twitter.com/YiTsbljgKO

— Tha J (@TheOfficialThaj) September 8, 2023

The post Man Arrested for Shooting During Lil Baby’s Memphis Concert first appeared on The Source.

The post Man Arrested for Shooting During Lil Baby’s Memphis Concert appeared first on The Source.

September 29, 2023

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