Memphis Bleek has spent plenty of time next to JAY-Z and has seen some amazing things. One of which is Hov bringing Michael Jackson out during Summer Jam.

Sitting with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN on Drink Champs, Bleek revealed what it was like to be around the King of Pop.

“If you wasn’t with Hov you had to turn around and face the wall,” Bleek said. “G, they was making niggas turn up face the wall like it was the pat-down on the block. Like, everybody because Mike didn’t want eye-to-eye contact. Nobody look him in his eyes.”

“Nobody can look him in his eyes ” – @MemphisBleek tells us a wild story about when #JAYZ brought out #MichaelJackson at #SummerJam 🫨


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On the most recent episode of Drink Champs, former Roc-A-Fella Records artist Memphis Bleek talked about. the difficulty had encountered just. to get tickets to Beyoncé’s concert and the response he got from Hov when he requested the tickets.

“Yo listen, for me to get Beyoncé tickets was a problem,” Bleek said. “My wife hit me like, ‘Yo, you know she in Philly for my birthday,” I’m like, ‘Aight cool, what that got to do with me? You tryna send me in there for the war baby?’ So, you know, f*** it, it’s wifey, so I hit all the top dogs. I ain’t gon’ even say no names. All the bosses.” He continued, “All of them said, ‘Yo Bleek. You buggin? You know you gotta hit Jay!’ I’m like aight, I tried not to, but now I gotta hit you. I got to! I tried to go around, but now this message gotta go to you, like fuck it.”

“Yo big homie, I need some tickets for the show, it’s wifey B-day,” Bleek said to Jay who replied, “Ah nah, n***as tryna turn me into the ticket guy now?”

It’s called the “illumiGrinding” @MemphisBleek talks about #illuminati rumors & more on this

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The post Memphis Bleek Recalls Michael Jackson at Summer Jam: ‘Mike Didn’t Want Eye-to-Eye Contact’ first appeared on The Source.

The post Memphis Bleek Recalls Michael Jackson at Summer Jam: ‘Mike Didn’t Want Eye-to-Eye Contact’ appeared first on The Source.

September 23, 2023

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