Since 2021, the untimely death of Hip Hop icon MF DOOM, the cult following that he created before his passing continues to keep his legacy alive and current. However, his artistic passion has been inherited by his firstborn son, Daniel Dumile Jr.  As an artist, Daniel Jr. has become an established force in his own right, but as the successor of the DOOM legacy and the Metal Face brand, the depth and meaning behind the mask can only be explained by the first descendant of DOOM.

Daniel Jr. sat down with The Source Magazine to discuss his most recent art exhibit dedicated to his father and his tribute piece for Hip Hop’s most unrecognizable villain.

Daniel teased an exhibit dedicated to his father earlier this year, but felt that the presentation wouldn’t be complete without his signature tribute piece. When asked why he waited until now to release his tribute piece, Dumile Jr. replied, “It took a minute to get settled after I left the uk. I had the idea to
produce a series of paintings in 2015. For around three years since then I would spend a chunk of my time in the states and rest abroad. Between going to work with my pops, traveling to visit elders, family
losses and the pandemic, I had no time to dedicate towards what I needed to do.”

The tribute is the cornerstone of Dumile’s exhibition dedicated to DOOM; however, his explanation of the mask and the man behind its creation seems a bit deeper than how its been explained in his father’s music. The Metal Face heir’s explanation is elaborate yet practical, saying, “The piece focuses on the idea of the villain. The ellipsis after the word villain serves as an indicator of something more or something being left out.” Daniel further expounds on the villain character, saying, “Villain then ellipsis means villain, then, unexpected/unapparent. The villain character in stories shows the other side of the hero or the side that everyone may not “like”. The tribute piece consists of four main layers that build on a central idea. They all need to be recognized  to get the full picture.”

Fans and critics will always look for the similarities between the father and the son to see the remnants of the art they once revered. Dumile’s demeanor, voice, and even creative process almost mirrors his dad’s. He admits that his value system of “knowledge of self” was instilled in him during the making of Operation Doomsday, adding, “The DOOM style is an off the beaten path style. I watched/listened to my father apply these ideas to his career. I try to apply them visually. The recording of Operation: Doomsday spanned from the early mid nineties to the late nineties. I was given knowledge of self from my grandmother and old dad during that period. At the same time I was being exposed to the “hood”.  My dad showed me how to transfer the feeling of that situation and our ghetto life experiences, into artwork.”

Daniel Dumile Jr.’s artwork is available HERE

The date of the tribute piece’s release has yet to be confirmed.

The post MF DOOM’s Son Daniel Dumile Jr. Speaks On His Art Tribute To His Father first appeared on The Source.

The post MF DOOM’s Son Daniel Dumile Jr. Speaks On His Art Tribute To His Father appeared first on The Source.

September 26, 2023

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