Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Ne-Yo has been in the news lately when hew filed a motion demanding a DNA test for the second child fathered by his latest baby mama Sade Bagnerise. Apparently the DNA testing must have revealed it is Ne-yo’s baby because now Sade is making custodial demands.

Radar Online Reports:

According to court documents obtained by, Sade and her lawyer showed up to court last week to respond to Ne-Yo’s lawsuit.

In her newly filed countersuit, Sade demanded primary physical custody of the 2 kids but agreed to share joint legal custody, which would allow Ne-Yo to have a say on important matters in their children’s lives.

Sade said Ne-Yo should be awarded every other weekend visitation along with alternating holiday parenting time. Further, she asked that the court award her temporary and permanent child support – along with reimbursement for a fair portion of any medical, educational, extracurricular, insurance, or other expenses related to the minor children that she incurs.

Sade did not address Ne-Yo’s demand for a DNA test on the youngest child but noted, “[Ne-Yo] is the biological father of the parties’ minor children.”

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June 27, 2023

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