Offset pulled up on Ebro Darden for Apple Music 1 and dropped off the release month for his forthcoming album. During the conversation, Offset revealed the project will highlight more of his personality, and another single will follow up “Jealousy” in three weeks. But what about the album? Offset delivered an update.

“We coming in October but right now we just applying pressure,” Offset said. “Creatively, content-wise, I’m going to just keep my rollout going. The rollout started from “Jealousy”, so I’m going to just keep the rollout starting from right then. So with this album I’m definitely going to be showing way more personality, way more who Offset is, creatively. Taking to the next level. You know how we come in, Ebro.”

Last month, Offset took it to a new level, dropping off the single for “Jealousy” featuring Cardi B. The video opens with Jamie Lee Curtis narrating the drama. The two directly address the issues between the two in the bars. In the visual, Offset evokes Jodi from Baby Boy, leaving the crib and hopping on his bike to ride through the streets of LA.

Keeping it to the Baby Boy theme, Cardi B calls her homegirl to complain, who happened to be the original Yvette, Taraji P. Henson.

After an impressive opening run from Offset, including a beat transition that forces a head nod, Cardi B tags in for a float of her own, adding on to her impressive run of features through 2023.

“Jealousy” is the first single from Offset’s forthcoming album. You can see the Offset directed video below.

The post Offset Says His Album Will Be Released This October first appeared on The Source.

The post Offset Says His Album Will Be Released This October appeared first on The Source.

August 12, 2023

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