At first, there was TLC, Xscape, and Destiny’s Child. Now, there’s OMG Girlz. The brainchild of Tameka “Tiny” Harris, the girl group is composed of three members: Zonnique Pullins, Bahja Rodriguez, and Breaunna Womack. Of course, with Zonnique’s parents being Tiny and T.I., the girls were destined for greatness from the start.

OMG Girlz represent female empowerment to the fullest, marked by their theme colors: pink, purple, and blue. Their sound is fun, experimental, and relatable, with lyrics inspired by real life experiences that captivates listeners all around the world. And in an oversaturated music industry, the OMG Girlz are proud to be in their own lane.

While the girls split in 2015, the group recently reunited after T.I. and Tiny filed a lawsuit against MGA Entertainment, claiming the company copied the likeness of their group for the line of L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G dolls. A blessing in disguise, all three members conjoined to finish/record the song “Lover Boy,” which was first teased back in 2011. 

Serving as their first song in eight years, it seems OMG Girlz haven’t missed a beat. 

The Source spoke with the OMG Girlz via Instagram Live, discussing “Lover Boy” and T.I.’s involvement in the song.

Lover Boy” is your first release in 8 years, that’s a long time! 

All: Yeah!

Breaunna: “Lover Boy” is a song, fan favorite first and foremost. It was discovered by a video of our rehearsal footage getting leaked on Youtube. From there, we always performed it on tour. So to bring it back, even when we got in the studio, it was great vibes. Great energy. It was almost a party, a full circle moment to be back in the studio altogether. Doing that song too, we love that song. Then added my verse to it. It was great energy, great vibes. It’s being taken very well. We want to say we appreciate all the fans who are playing it and streaming it, keep doing that. We got a video coming very soon.

What can we expect from the video?

Breaunna: We gon’ do big one, we gon’ do something big. We want to keep it under surprise, though. We don’t want to give too many details so that way when y’all see it, it’s like “oh wow! That’s dope.” 

Bahja: “This looks really cool.”

You guys were so young back then. How is it as a group, now that y’all are a little bit older? A little more mature? 

Zonnique: The vibes with us are really natural, so it’s the same. We’ve been around each other forever at this point. 

Breaunna: We didn’t stop being around each other either. Even when we took a moment apart, we still was around each other, supporting each other. Hanging out.

Zonnique: It’s always been pretty much the same, but it’s nice to be back in a space doing music and being older. 

What do each of you bring to the table?

Bahja: Oh that’s a good question, I don’t think we’ve ever got that one. I definitely bring a bit of fire. My personality, really to the friendship for sure. Just a super dedicated type of passion. Anything that I’m a part of, I’m really into it. I’m really wanting to be a part of it and make it the best that it could be, whether it’s myself or the girls.

Zonnique: When you’re on stage, you bring a cool show presence. The cool girl.  

Bahja: Okay! I like the cool girl.

Breaunna: On stage, I bring the energy. I’ll be rapping, making sure the vibe’s on 10. Everybody’s engaged and those type of things. Relationship wise, I bring big sister — people say motherly vibes. I be very positive, hardworking, overachiever type thing. When it comes to the group, I bring the rap, so that character to it.

Zonnique: I bring some soft vocals…

All: [laughs]

Breaunna: High key.

Bahja: She brings the chills vibes. She always mellows us out. 

Zonnique: It’s still aggressive though. On stage, it’s very aggressive. It works. Each one something that the other one doesn’t have. When we all come together, that’s why it goes perfect.

Some asked if T.I. wrote the end of Bre’s verse for “Lover Boy”? Because it sounds exactly like him.

Zonnique: Yeah, he wrote the end part of it.

Breaunna: We have a vlog that me and Zonnique dropped. The fans can go watch and see how it all came about, because he definitely was in there. We were in there together, working, talking about it. We had stepped out for a minute, then came in.

What’s it like working with such legends in the music space?

Zonnique: It’s always nice to work with people who know the business, period. Who really our season in industry. It’s really fun working with my parents, honestly. They are some characters. [laughs] They’re really fun to work with because they’re headstrong and opinionated. They’re always going to tell you how they feel so it can be the best that it can be. It’s really nice working with both my parents.

Bahja: They know exactly how they want things to sound, they just execute. It’s cool to have mentors like that who can show you proper studio etiquette or how things should go. 

Breaunna: Then the business, they give great advice. Great tips. It’s family-oriented too, so they make sure we’re good and stuff like that.

What’s the best piece of advice they’ve given you?

Breaunna: I know the paperwork thing, make sure that’s good. When it comes to writing, make sure you have your own publishing. Get registered. With your publishing, get everything together. Things of that nature. 

Zonnique: It’s really important. 

Breaunna: It is.

TLC is a big influence, how have they impacted your artistry?

Zonnique: TLC for us, we always felt it matched up perfectly with them being two singers, a rapper. They were always really bold, with pretty much everything. Their message, their style. It was always fun, but the music was always innovative and timeless. We always looked up to TLC specifically, but a lot of different girl groups for sure. And artists.

Any other ones? 

Zonnique: Destiny’s Child. XSCAPE for sure. Definitely learned from XSCAPE. Music just inspires us. 

I interviewed XSCAPE earlier this year, they are so funny together! Is that how you guys are? 

All: Definitely. 

Zonnique: Definitely think we’re funny.

Breaunna: Yeah, we stay laughing with each other. Lot of styles.

Someone said “I want T.I. to bring the thug out of Bre, she from the Bam!”

All: [laughs]

Breaunna: Oh you know, I’ll bring it out for you. It depends what song we put out.

Zonnique: Not going to lie, I definitely think the “Lover Boy” verse was aggressive.  

Bahja: Period, on straight.

Are you guys working on new music?

Zonnique: So we’ve been in talks about getting in the studio. We haven’t gotten in the studio quite yet, but we’ve been discussing a lot about it. My mom’s already sending us beats, people who she’s like “let’s get in the studio with this person.” We’re definitely getting geared up.

The post OMG Girlz Reveal T.I. Contributed To Bre’s Verse In “Lover Boy” first appeared on The Source.

The post OMG Girlz Reveal T.I. Contributed To Bre’s Verse In “Lover Boy” appeared first on The Source.

August 10, 2023

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