NPG Records and Paisley Park Enterprises, in collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Records, have unveiled a groundbreaking release for Prince fans. The iconic 1991 album, “Diamonds And Pearls,” has been reimagined in Dolby ATMOS and Sony 360 RA formats, marking the first time a Prince studio album has been available in immersive audio.

Engineered by GRAMMY-nominated Prince audio engineer Chris James, the new Dolby ATMOS and Sony 360 RA mixes promise an unprecedented listening experience, allowing fans to rediscover “Diamonds And Pearls” in a whole new light. These immersive audio formats and newly remastered stereo audio are available for streaming now.

“Prophetically, the production aesthetic of this album seems predestined for immersive formats. The songs with high track counts and cinematic sound effects play fantastically into the surrounds and ceiling, while less embellished arrangements come alive, effectively putting the listener into the very same room as Prince and band.”

– Chris James

In addition to this remarkable audio upgrade, today also brings the release of two previously unreleased tracks: “Get Blue” and “Live 4 Love (Early Version).” These gems are part of the upcoming expanded “Diamonds And Pearls ” reissue, which is set to release on Oct. 27th.

“Get Blue” offers a glimpse into Prince’s creative process, showcasing his mastery by playing every instrument and overseeing the recording and mixing. This unreleased demo later appeared on R&B artist Louie Louie’s 1993 album “Let’s Get Started.”

“Live 4 Love (Early Version)” serves as an early attempt to track “Live 4 Love,” featuring prominent “live for love” chants recorded during Prince’s 1990 Nude tour. The song was ultimately included in the commercially released version of “Diamonds And Pearls.” The early version showcases Prince’s ingenuity, with members of The New Power Generation contributing to its unique sound.

Alongside the expanded reissue, a multi-part podcast series on the creation and legacy of Diamonds And Pearls is set to launch on Oct, 12th. Hosted and produced by Andrea Swensson, the podcast will offer insights from every member of that era’s New Power Generation, providing a comprehensive exploration of the album’s creation and its enduring impact on Prince’s legacy.

This reissue contains 47 previously unreleased audio tracks and over two hours of high-intensity live concert footage. It also features a 120-page hardback book with rare photos, Prince’s handwritten lyrics, and more, in addition to the remastered album. “Diamonds And Pearls” is a pivotal moment in Prince’s career, blending hip-hop, dance, gospel, and pop to reclaim his position at the top of the charts.

The release of “Get Blue” and “Live 4 Love (Early Version)” follows the introduction of “Cream (Take 2),” “Alice Through The Looking Glass,” and “Insatiable (Early Mix-Full Version)” in August, offering fans an unprecedented peek into the genius of Prince’s creative process.

The post Prince & The New Power Generation’s “Diamonds And Pearls” Released in Immersive Audio first appeared on The Source.

The post Prince & The New Power Generation’s “Diamonds And Pearls” Released in Immersive Audio appeared first on The Source.

September 29, 2023

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