Roddy Ricch just celebrated the three-year anniversary of his smash single “The Box.” However, on the same day, Roddy, the song’s producer 30 Roc, and Atlantic Records are all being sued for copyright infringement for allegedly ripping the beginning of the song.

According to TMZ, musical artist Greg Perry claims that “The Box” took certain key elements of his 1975 song “Come On Down (Get Your Head Out Of The Clouds)” and put them in the beginning of “The Box” without his permission.

Perry also argues that the two similarities are undeniable and claims that a “musicology expert clearly and convincingly” says that the two songs share melody, form, and structure.

Take a listen for yourself below.

Roddy nor the song’s producer or Atlantic Records have spoken about the recent lawsuit. However, what might help their case is a Genius: Deconstructed video published in 2020 featuring producer 30 Roc breaking down how the song was made.

30 Roc shows in the video that the sound in question actually came from a VST he downloaded to his production software. For those unaware of what a VST is, a VST (Virtual Studio Technology) is a program filled with sounds that allow producers and musicians to play instruments on their computers without actually having the instrument. 30 Roc even dispelled rumors in the video that the beginning used the sample, and showed the sound coming from the VST.

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December 7, 2022

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