Romeo Miller recently received the Community Impact Award at the Future Stars Charity Gala, delivering a heartfelt speech connecting his success in entertainment to his success in sports. Real name Percy Miller first received a scholarship to hoop at USC, with his basketball career ending as the result of an injury. 

The Source enjoyed attending the gala and speaking with Romeo about the moment he fell in love with Hip-Hop.

When asked about the moment he fell in love with Hip-Hop, Romeo answers: “I used to like a lot of Slick Rick when I was growing up. I thought it was cool with the patch on the eye. LL Cool J, they used to call me LL Cool Rome. But if I’m being truthful, I fell in love with music in general from Selena. I grew up in Texas. She brought me closer in a weird way to Hip-Hop. A lot of people don’t know that, but I used to be bumping Selena a lot down in H-town. I grew up in Mo City and Sugar Land. She brought me closer to Hip-Hop.”

Romeo makes it a point to remind us that music is a connection to everything, no matter the type. He then recalls his favorite moments before pivoting to one of his favorite artists: Eminem.

“Them Lil Romeo days?” Romeo asks. “Eminem was the man! I remember being in Canada, Eminem was everywhere. Everywhere I travel. I don’t think he gets the recognition that he deserves, or the flowers, because this generation don’t really know the work he put in. But seeing somebody like him, a white boy who could outrap everybody, that was crazy. Me even growing up in Hip-Hop, we never seen like that.”

As far as Romeo’s favorite Eminem song, he names “Lose Yourself” and “Toy Soldiers.” He explains, “I used to be bumping ‘Toy Soldiers’ all day, every day. So shout to Em.”

The post Romeo Miller Says Eminem “Doesn’t Get The Recognition He Deserves” first appeared on The Source.

The post Romeo Miller Says Eminem “Doesn’t Get The Recognition He Deserves” appeared first on The Source.

October 31, 2023

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