Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons, his daughters Aoki and Ming, and ex-wife Kimora had a very public disagreement this past Father’s Day on social media. The Simmons ladies all accused Russel of being unhinged and needing help while revealing hurtful and shocking things they have alleged he has done and said. 

This year Russell blames the devil for what happened and is upset he wasn’t able to visit his daughters on his recent trip home from Bali…

Russell shared his feelings in a post on Instagram.

SO i went to America 9 days ago my office (Gushcloud) there had some critical meetings that “zoom couldn’t fix” –
and my new venture w/@snoopdogg and his son @cbroadus Sharestix is really exciting.. this kid @cbrodus i call him my mentor …..also i was co hosting a fun bet party (the prelude) with @mclyte which i helped set up but decided against attending

fyi i generally only make those trips with the expectations that i can see my daughters

last fathers day i spent 3 days in a row in nyc with my beloved @aokileesimmons but this year God or the devil had other plans .:/still for sure im grateful for all experiences God sends… sometimes they are not easy to digest but there ARE lessons ,. Remember to remember to always look for the blessings in the perceived curses, they are always there

congratulations to honorees of first annual prelude celebration @monascottyoung @officialbigdaddykane and @bustarhymes special shoutout to @stanlathan @alanelliott8 @simonereyes @porschethomas ans my partners @mclyte and @lynnrichardson

keep smiling yogis


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June 28, 2023

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