It’s never easy to lose your best friend, especially when they’ve been rocking with you since the very beginning. Prayers to The Game, who is currently grieving over the loss of his hype-man, Avante “AR” Rose. Apparently, AR passed away after committing suicide. 

Sharing to his 13.8 million followers on Instagram, the Los Angeles rapper opened up to his followers about the loss of AR, posting multiple photos of themselves together and with some big names like Drake, Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg.

In the caption, The Game writes, “I waited a few days because the initial impact of hearing you were no longer here on earth, simply crushed me.”

“Since kindergarten it’s been me & you side by side going through life together. Staying up past our bedtimes watching WWE, to walking to the store to get a soda & chips every time we mowed another lawn & made $1 a piece, to growing up, smoking our 1st joint together, stealing cars, joining gangs, waiting on each other to get out of jail, sellin dope, gettin shot & surviving it all so that we could learn how to rap from watching “106 & Park”…… travel the world, stamp 4 passports, meet fans & see places we never imagined… It was ALWAYS “Chuck & AR”. It hurts my hurt to know that all I have left is my memories & I’ve been drowning them with my tears this entire weekend.”

The Game even reveals he was crying as he typed the caption. He continues, “I miss you so much !!! My emotions are all over the place because of the entire situation & it’s hard to feel the way a person should normally feel when losing a best friend, brother… due to the fact that you not only took your life, but you took someone else’s as well. I send a tremendous amount of prayers to her family and my heart is with you all as you process the untimely death of your daughter, sister, niece, cousin, family member. In no way shape or form do I mean any disrespect at all or condone his actions in the matter but I promise you didn’t know the Avante I did. The Avante I grew up with, fought with, cried with & stood back to back for 30 years with was a happy, comedic father & friend who loved hard & would literally do anything for me, my children or anyone he loved.”

AR was also present for each of The Game’s children’s births and didn’t miss any of their birthday parties. He was also there for The Game when he got shot and woke up from his coma, even being the one to take The Game home.

Via SNBC13, apparently, Rose shot his girlfriend, Kassandra Arevaloz, before taking his own life a few days later. Allegedly, Rose and his girlfriend argued before the shooting transpired, and she was pronounced dead when Torrance Police arrived at the scene.

Snoop Dogg paid his condolences by posting a throwback photo of himself with AR and The Game, with the caption, “AR condolences to the female who lost her life ”

for my Bro Bro. #TheGame

— Dj Quik (@djquik) June 5, 2023

DJ Quik also sent his love by tweeting a photo of the Game with prayer hand emojis.

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June 6, 2023

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