Future NBA All-Star games could look a bit different. According to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, the league may return to the East vs. West format, abandoning the popular draft pool.

“We’re looking at some potential changes in format in Indianapolis this year,” Silver said on ESPN’s First Take. “Maybe a return to something more traditional in terms of how the teams are presented. We went to sort of this captain and draft notion, but clearly historically it was East vs. West. So that’s maybe something we are looking at.”

The shift in the format follows the belief that the league desires to have All-Stars playing harder and a renewed interest in the game.

Silver added, “I’m always sort of laughing because before the game even starts on Sunday afternoon, people are saying, ‘This is the best ever!’ And I’m like, ‘We’ll, we’ve got this game.’ I’ll take some fault for that because when you’re there this year in Indianapolis, beginning essentially Thursday night and then through Sunday, I think it’s an opportunity for this whole global basketball community to come together. Great legends of the game. Not just the All-Stars, but lots of players. I don’t know how it works in other sports, but we have dozens and dozens of players in the league who choose to come to All Star Weekend for the activities for various events who aren’t even All-Stars. So I think we’ve lost sight a bit that it’s about the game at the end of the day.”

NBA commissioner Adam Silver is considering a return to the East vs. West format for the All-Star game pic.twitter.com/cmFVbpkrsN

— First Take (@FirstTake) October 18, 2023

The post SOURCE SPORTS: Adam Silver Says NBA All-Star Game Could Go Back to Being East Vs. West first appeared on The Source.

The post SOURCE SPORTS: Adam Silver Says NBA All-Star Game Could Go Back to Being East Vs. West appeared first on The Source.

October 19, 2023

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