Roc Nation Sports International (RNSI) has announced an unprecedented consultancy partnership with the illustrious Ryder Cup. This groundbreaking collaboration aims to leverage Roc Nation’s extensive influence to introduce the intense drama and excitement of golf’s premier team competition to new audiences, building anticipation for the 44th edition of the Ryder Cup set to take place in Rome this September.

As part of this momentous announcement, Grammy award-winning artist, producer, and avid golfer DJ Khaled has been appointed as an ambassador for the Ryder Cup. In his role, DJ Khaled will work closely with the Ryder Cup to bridge the gap between golf, music, and entertainment, offering an authentic connection rooted in his genuine passion for the sport.

“Today is a great day as we announce our partnership with the iconic Ryder Cup,” says Michael Yormark, President of Roc Nation Sports International. “We will make the most of our industry expertise to advise on best practices, utilize our network to its fullest and help take the 2023 Ryder Cup to the next level as one of the biggest sporting events on the calendar.” 

The partnership with the Ryder Cup will also involve the participation of talented individuals from Roc Nation’s diverse roster, which includes golf enthusiasts from various backgrounds. These individuals will engage in key events and activations, infusing their unique talents into the collaboration.

Guy Kinnings, Director of the Ryder Cup, added: “Golf has undergone a popularity boom in recent years, with more diverse and younger fans following and playing the sport. The Ryder Cup has always been the moment when golf enters mainstream culture and with Roc Nation by our side, we can further tap into this boom by creating cross-over content that entices new, younger fans to watch and follow the event.”  

Roc Nation Sports International’s involvement will extend to creative content creation and production, utilizing the agency’s top-notch in-house resources as a comprehensive 360 agency. This holistic approach will ensure a dynamic and engaging representation of the Ryder Cup, showcasing the event’s thrilling nature to captivate existing and new fans.

The historic partnership between Roc Nation Sports International and the Ryder Cup marks an exciting chapter in the tournament’s legacy as the worlds of sports, music, and entertainment converge to create an unforgettable experience for all involved.

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June 27, 2023

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