Last month Tamar Braxton announced she was leaving Atlanta after her car was robbed stating that she felt unsafe everywhere. Fand wondered where was her new fiance as he was nowhere to be found. Now Tamar’s fiance JR Robinson has announced they have gone separate ways. Posting to his Instagram account, JR confirmed that he and the singer/TV star “are no longer together” after much speculation.

“So many questions. So many assumptions. I want to answer all that I can with respect. Yes. Tamar and I are no longer together,” JR wrote on Instagram Story on Monday, Oct. 2. “I ended the relationship to focus on getting back to positive energy & being a better person.”

JR later stressed that there’s no infidelity, noting, “What happened and why – that’s our private place. No, I never cheated. No, I wasn’t there when she was at her mothers place when her car was burglarized. No, I never cared about fame. Who reveals their most embarrassing moments in their life to find fame.”

He continued, “I have always represented famous people and the truth is I was in an amazing place financially and mentally. I turned down QueensCourt several times before I gave in. Ultimately, I fell in love and it didn’t end how I wanted it.”

Concluding his post, the attorney wrote, “So, I want to heal. Tamar and I will always be friends and family for life. Thank you for respecting our privacy.” Tamar, meanwhile, has yet to comment on their split.

Tamar and JR got engaged on the “Queens Court” finale which aired in March. “I knew I was different than my siblings,” the 45-year-old singer told JR at the time. “I prayed for somebody to understand me and not look at me and my flaws and just accept me for who I am. And then I met you. And then I saw every single that I ever prayed for as a child.”

“I thought that I just needed love. I didn’t. I needed a friend. And you’ve been that for me,” the “Celebrity Big Brother” season 2 winner explained. In response to that, JR said, “I’m not only willing, I’m ready. So much so that I don’t want to be your friend. I don’t want to be your friend. I want to be your husband.”

He later got on one knee before asking, “Tamar, I’m here forever because I don’t see my life without you. I love you, Tamar. Tamar, will you marry me?” Tamar said yes while getting emotional.


Watch Tamar and JR moments from ‘Queens Court’ below.

The post Tamar Braxton’s Fiance JR Robinson Reveals He Broke Off Their Engagement first appeared on The Source.

The post Tamar Braxton’s Fiance JR Robinson Reveals He Broke Off Their Engagement appeared first on The Source.

October 2, 2023

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