XXXtencation has been trending lately, as his trial is set to begin in January. A lot has been said about the rapper but what many people do not know is that X had goals and dreams that he didn’t get to see come to fruition.. One of those was the foundation he created to assist those in need. His mother is continuing his dream through various initiatives. 

In August 2022, the national media started to shine a light on Jackson, Mississippi’s water crisis. The city had sustained heavy rain, which resulted in massive flooding. Years of neglect, combined with racism and a pump malfunction, became a recipe for disaster. 

More than 170,000 residents, including infants and children, were left without water. Locals were unable to drink, shower, or even flush toilets. Seniors and lower-income residents with medical needs are forced to choose between buying crucial medications or purchasing water. A boiling water advisory was put in place to help salvage the issue. Still, according to Rukia Lumumba,  Chair of the Mississippi Rapid Response Coalition and sister of Jackson’s mayor, the situation is far from resolved. 

“The water crisis has left over 150k residents under a boiling advisory. This will last at least a year or more. So we still need more water and water  filters,” said Lumumba.

The water crisis has created a medical emergency amongst affected individuals in Jackson.

 “Not having access to clean drinkable water is detrimental to the health of anyone, especially infants, kids, and the elderly who have preexisting conditions,” stated Dr. Tom Ellison, MD.  

Ellison is the Founder and Director of Project Help, a national medical-based non-profit disaster relief organization of over 4500 doctors who volunteer during natural disasters.  Project Help has assisted residents in Jackson since August when they got a call from the XXXTentacion Foundation in late October. Since that time the foundation has provided enough water to last residents til March of 2023.

Cleopatra Bernard is a Music, Film and TV Executive Producer. Bernard is also a philanthropist, and the mother of late Rapper, XXXTentacion. The executive and her team decided to step in and help the residents of Jackson through the XXXTentacion foundation. 

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December 23, 2022

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