OMB Peezy is one of the hottest artists to come out of Mobile, Alabama, and he continues to unleash banger after banger for his growing fanbase. Boasting one million followers on Instagram alone, real name LeParis Dade is best known for creating heartfelt street anthems inspired directly by his journey from the mud to now a thriving rap career. 

Today, OMB Peezy returns with his newest single titled “Think You Ready,” a motivational anthem reminding folks to go out there and go after their wildest dreams. Life will come at you fast, and you must be prepared for whatever obstacles and hurdles you face. The single is his first release from his forthcoming self-titled sophomore album Le’Paris

Speaking on the record, OMB Peezy states, “This is a self-named album, which means I’m talking about my real self. I don’t think they’re ready for how bipolar I am and me as a person. I’ll wake up feeling like this, then throughout the day I start feeling like this. It’s all different things. Everyday, I wake up it’s a different person. Leaning more towards the past versus OMB Peezy or Overkill.”

“Think You Ready” serves as a pregame to what OMB Peezy is about to drop next, simultaneously promoting his own Overkill label. He’s also currently on the road for his Le’Paris Tour, hitting major cities worldwide.

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June 9, 2023

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