Spence Lee is the newest artist signed to Mike Will Made It’s Ear Drummers and 88 Rising, and he’s proving why he’s up next in the rap game. Now, the New Jersey native shares his latest offering, “Spend My Days.”

“Spend My Days” is the perfect soundtrack to your current romance, letting the person you love know that they are all yours. The goal behind the record was the put out something soulful, and feel-good, because we can all use a little more love and positivity in music today.

Spence Lee states, ”I want fans to feel good when listening to the music. I also want to show that I’m an all-around artist, not just a ‘rapper’, because sometimes that can be a limiting title.”

Equipped with undeniable soul and R&B elements, the song is paired with an equally powerful video to match. Directed by Medet, best known for collaborations with artists like Kali Uchis, Lil TJay, and Rae Sremmurd, “Spend My Days” sees Spence time-traveling through various eras and regions, from western cowboy to the 80’s to today. 

The vision was to show that love transcends space and time,” Spence explains. “I always liked the multiverse and time travel themes in comics so we explored that in the visual. Despite reality changing all around the couple, their love and their movement remains constant. And of course they had to be the freshest in every era.” 

“Spend My Days” serves as the second single from Spence Lee’s forthcoming album, slated for release early next year. The first single was “On God.”

The post Track of The Week: Spence Lee’s “Spend My Days” first appeared on The Source.

The post Track of The Week: Spence Lee’s “Spend My Days” appeared first on The Source.

September 23, 2023

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