Usher states the Super Bowl performance he waited on for his entire career. Speaking with Extra, Usher revealed how long he had been working toward the moment.

“When I got the call, I was like, ‘Man, I’ve been working really hard my entire career,’” Usher said. “The preparation didn’t start within the last two years of performing in Las Vegas. It really started 30 years ago, and my commitment to it and the journey that I’ve taken musically is why I think I’m given that moment.”

Looking ahead to what you can expect, Usher revealed that he is set to deliver hit records. “I found really great ways to help us communicate better through my music and that celebration is inside this curation.”

Usher has truly taken over Las Vegas. The superstar singer now reigns over Sin City every Oct. 17 as Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman proclaimed the date as Usher Raymond Day. In addition to the day, Usher received the key to the city.

“We honored @usher by giving him the key to the city and proclaiming Oct. 17 as Usher Raymond Day!” the Vegas Instagram post reads. The Grammy-award-winning global superstar will headline the Super Bowl LVIII halftime show in Las Vegas on Feb. 11, 2024. #USHER first started his Las Vegas residency in 2021.”

After receiving the key to the city, Usher responded: “I just want to continue to be an amazing contribution to your amazing city. I do see opportunity here, and the belief that everything that’s in my mind and that I’ve dreamed of is coming to life as a result of the city.”

You can see the moment below.

Usher celebrated his 45th birthday in style with Rémy Martin. The star-studded event included special guests like Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, Bryan Michael Cox, LA Reid, and many more.

In honor of Usher’s birthday, Rémy Martin presented him with a one-of-a-kind Jacquie Aiche custom Rémy Martin diamond-encrusted toothpick. The toothpick is inspired by Rémy Martin’s centaur symbol, signifying the enduring partnership between Usher and the brand. Throughout the night, Usher was spotted sporting this unique gift.

Guests at the celebration enjoyed a carefully curated selection of Rémy Martin XO and 1738 cocktails. Among the offerings was “The 1738 Halftime Spritz,” a delightful cocktail paying tribute to Usher and his upcoming game day performance. The drink is designed to taste like halftime, when the Rémy’s in the system.

The post Usher Says His Super Bowl Performance Preparation Begin 30 Years Ago first appeared on The Source.

The post Usher Says His Super Bowl Performance Preparation Begin 30 Years Ago appeared first on The Source.

November 2, 2023

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