Big Buffalo shit.

Black Soprano Family’s Rick Hyde revisits his Stigma EP with its “Arrivederci” video.

Courtesy of Shot By SV, Rick unleashes his gritty raps while cruising in a Polaris Slingshot and lighting up in the studio with hefty bags of weed.

“They was hating on me then, niggas hating on me still,” raps Hyde over the Daringer-produced beat. “Now everybody just a opp and all your music like it’s drill / It’s a thirty in the clip, yeah, I’m talking ’bout a reel / Once it hit, you gon’ do a 360 like your deal.”

Stigma was released last year featuring eight tracks including contributions from his B$F compadres Benny The Butcher, Loveboat Luciano, and Jonezy.

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January 6, 2023

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