Life is good.

While a new album on his plate, Slim Thug is adjusting quite nicely in the video to his new single, “Midlife Crisis”, coincides with his birthday.

Directed by DJ Young Samm, the 42-year-old rapper from Houston stunts at his lavish pad and partakes in a therapy session where he addresses his longevity and those who criticize his lifestyle.

“Next time you talk down on me, look up nigga / That pretty bitch you with I done fucked nigga,” he raps from the in-house studio and one of his many cars. “Get left in the dust, you little stuck nigga / ‘Cause lil fuck niggas like you I don’t trust nigga.”

Midlife Crisis marks Slim Thug’s second project of the year following February’s Where Dreams Are Made.

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September 8, 2023

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