Cardi B says she didn’t diss Ice Spice during her headlining performance at Hot 97’s Summer Jam.

Cardi headlined the night, bringing out Latto, 21 Savage, and more for a showstopping set. Some fans believed that Cardi slid in a little jab at Ice Spice by using the single “Tomorrow” from the famed film Annie as a lead into their banger “Tomorrow 2” with GloRilla. An animated version of Annie was twerking on the screen, and she had a resemblance to the “Munch” hitmaker.

cardi b putting a caricature of ice spice on her set in the same outfit she wore on a ig story when she was rapping tomorrow 2 and singing annie before transitioning into tomorrow 2… shading a girl that showed nothing but love to you.

— fan account (@houseofknee) June 5, 2023

Aside from the ice spice shade… Annie was like 10, why is Cardi b sexualizing a child??? This shouldn’t be normalized, It’s predator behavior.

— Nigerian Silk (@nigeriansilk) June 5, 2023

Cardi B gets called out for allegedly shading Ice Spice at #SummerJam.

So if you know social media jokes and calls Ice Spice, Orphan Annie due to her hair and skin complexion.

Cardi played “Tomorrow” from Annie before her “Tomorrow 2” performance and people noticed cartoon…

— GOT DA SCOOP (@GotDaScoop) June 5, 2023

Fans think Cardi B shaded Ice Spice during her performance tonight. But while they feed in the delusion, We should know that the song is called “tomorrow 2”and she used a sample from annie song called tomorrow.

— Pop Tingz (@ThePopTings) June 5, 2023

Seeing the web chatter, Cardi hit Instagram live to set things straight but did not mention Ice Spice by name.

“For y’all muthafuckas that’s on Twitter tryna be messy, please, cut the bullshit,” Cardi said. “That’s not me. Like, come on now. First of all, y’all been wanting me to be messy all things. Y’all wanted me to be messy on the song.”

Ice Spice, who performed earlier in the evening, has not offered a response.

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June 6, 2023

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