Offset invites Ebro into his home for a in-depth conversation on his second solo studio album, “SET IT OFF”. The two talk about Offset reinventing himself on his new project, getting more hands on with his live shows, and encouraging his wife Cardi B to give him feedback on his music.

Offset opens up about how tragic recent events in his life have influenced him and discusses his view of the current state of hip-hop and why he thinks the genre is stagnant and in need of higher entertainment value, particularly in visuals and live performances.

When discussing the current state of Hip Hop, Offset says, “I’m noticing that the no content music ain’t catching nobody ear. I’m noticing that the numbers are down in our genre specifically, because I feel like everything is so the same. The next new nigga is another nigga that was just here. It’s nothing new being brought to the game. Not just on the sound side, but just all the way around as creatively too.” He added, “The most videos be like a Rolls Royce in the background, some chains on, and that shit getting boring, fellas. You know what I’m saying? It’s like no real entertainment. Why you got these pop and these country artists smoking shit, because they coming with the full around, the full around everything. The full package, you know what I’m saying? Everything ain’t flexing.”

The post [WATCH] Offset Tells Why He Thinks The Current State Of Hip Hop Is Stagnant first appeared on The Source.

The post [WATCH] Offset Tells Why He Thinks The Current State Of Hip Hop Is Stagnant appeared first on The Source.

October 27, 2023

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