Colorado has been having quite the headline-making season this year, but over the weekend, they unfortunately traded sports’ headlines for crime ones. Several players report that jewelry and other personal items were stolen from the visitor’s locker room while the Buffs played the UCLS Bruins on Saturday.

A video originally posted to Bleacher Report shows many Colorado players shaking their heads and telling the camera that their items were stolen during the game. Many kept emphasizing during the game as if it was impossible to comprehend how such a thing could have happened. One Buffs player can be seen shaking his head and saying, “you come to play football and you know….your s*** is safe…that’s messed up bro.” Another player describes how the visiting Colorado team (which had just lost to the UCLA Bruins 28-16) came back in the locker room to change and go home only to find their items missing.

On Monday, tLisa Derderian of the city of Pasadena, issued a statement in which she stated that the department had initiated a theft investigation involving several players at the stadium. A joint statement from the police and UCLA said that UCLA was cooperating with the police in the investigation, but no further details would be shared at this time.

A statement on the Bruins’ Sports Illustrated Fan Page read as follows:

“This is obviously a terrible violation. The fact that it happened while the contest was in progress, and in a presumably-guarded locker room, is a frustrating revelation that suggests at the very least this theft was pre-meditated by whomever carried it out.

It’s incredibly frustrating not only that this happened in a game against the Bruins, but specifically that this happened at the Bruins’ home stadium. 

We at All Bruins sincerely hope that the impacted Colorado players get all their stolen valuables returned to them promptly, and the parties responsible receive due punishment for their reprehensible behavior. 

Rooting against a competitor on the field is one of the joys of sports fandom. But it should go without saying that that never needs to extend beyond the confines of competition. It’s appalling that this stuff happened where it did, tainting an otherwise fun occasion for UCLA appreciators.”

Colorado headed home where they will face Oregon State next weekend while UCLA will travel to Arizona.

The post Colorado Football Team’s Jewelry Reportedly Stolen from Locker Room at UCLA’s Rose Bowl first appeared on The Source.

The post Colorado Football Team’s Jewelry Reportedly Stolen from Locker Room at UCLA’s Rose Bowl appeared first on The Source.

October 31, 2023

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