Damson Idris went to a really dark place in order to complete Snowfall season 6. Speaking on a roundtable with other performers, Idris revealed he wanted to go dark for the conclusion of Franklin Saint, and it had real-life repercussions he didn’t expect.

In the season, Saint was called the devil, and he was aiming to get as deep into character as possible.

“This last season, I was hitting a block, and I went into a corner and went ‘come on devil, come on devil, come to me, come to me,” Idris revealed. “I had nightmares for a month. I had nightmares every day. I felt that energy. I had to pray and do all this stuff to get rid of it. I called my mom up and asked her to ‘bring me back to life.’ That stuff is real.”

Idris had to do a lot for Snowfall‘s sixth and final season, which ended with Franklin Saint walking the streets of Los Angeles, an alcoholic and now homeless, much like his father Alton.

The series’ closing moments were the final pieces of a teardown that once saw Saint flying as high as private jets and piloting his own planes. His girlfriend and mother of his son, Veronique, gone, in the wind, with the last of Franklin’s money. His Aunt Louie is on the run for life from federal authorities. Leon and Wanda are bouncing back and forth between Africa and Los Angeles. Franklin’s mom, Cissy, is presumed to spend the rest of her life in prison.

Speaking with Deadline after the series had concluded, the actor who portrayed Franklin Saint, Damson Idris, pulled back the curtain on filming those final moments of the series.

“His final moments were incredibly challenging. There was a fatherhood connection there, which I connected to personally so it was deeply emotional for me. Franklin’s connection to his father and his becoming an alcoholic was incredibly difficult,” Idris said.

He added, “Behind the scenes, I had a little flask with me that no one knew about. I would touch it with my lips just to have the taste. I’ll also admit that I didn’t shower. Luckily I wasn’t disrupting anyone with any odors.”

You can read more about the final episode of Snowfall here via Deadline.

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June 2, 2023

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