Dave East returns with the captivating new single and music video “Rich Problems.” The track now showcases a unique blend of bright piano melodies and orchestral samples, creating a powerful and dynamic backdrop for Dave’s introspective lyrics.

In “Rich Problems,” Dave delves into the complexities of success, examining the dualities that come with it within the realms of the music industry and life itself. His thought-provoking verses touch upon the challenges and triumphs that accompany his journey.

“Think I’m always in a good mood, you see me smiling
little devil on my shoulder and he wildin’”

Complementing the song, the accompanying music video was filmed in Abu Dhabi, offering breathtaking visuals that capture the city’s stunning beauty. The video features Dave East arriving in a sleek baby blue McClaren, exuding confidence and style. Throughout the video, he delivers his truth directly to the camera, surrounded by sweeping vistas of Abu Dhabi’s picturesque landscapes.

“Rich Problems” showcases Dave East’s lyrical prowess and ability to blend personal reflection with captivating visuals seamlessly. More music from Dave is on the way. Peep “Rich Problems” below.

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June 19, 2023

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