The Rap Radar podcast is back for season 2 with Interval Presents. Getting the second season underway, the premiere episode brings Tyler, the Creator, in conversation with our favorite hosts, Elliott Wilson and Brian “B.Dot” Miller.

In the season-opening episode, the Call Me If You Get Lost rapper and the Rap Radar legends will discuss Tyler’s Grammy-winning album, social issues, his family and friends, and more. One of the topics covered is rap debates, specifically the top 3 in the game, which Tyler has no interest in.

“Bro, who gives a fuck,” Tyler responded. “You know what bothers me, you have 17-year-olds talking about ‘Ready to Die’ and ‘Enter the Wu Tang’ are in their Top 10 albums ever. I’m like, bro, you just got hair on your dick, stop. It’s performative.”

He added, “I don’t care about people’s objective top nothing. Tell me what is your favorite shit cause you learn so much from people. You get context.”

Examining online, Tyler has seen tier lists online of his own albums, coupling that and best artist debates and Tyler developed a distaste for Rap Twitter.

“Who gives a fuck who the top three is? Jamiroquai is my favorite band and I don’t know nobody who talks about them. But who gives a fuck? I enjoy them in my house and my car.”

You can hear it from Tyler the Creator below. The full episode will be available on Thursday (June 8).

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June 7, 2023

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