You can’t mention the greatest rap duos of all time and not mention the legendary M.O.P.—also known as Mash Out Posse. The Brooklyn MC’s changed the game when they stepped on the scene with their rough, rugged flow. Back when artists’ honed their own style, M.O.P’s interpretation of their upbringing and lifestyle through music coincided with who they really were.
The Brownsville duo debuted in 1993 with the single “How About Some Hardcore?”. Always ahead of the curve, Billy Danze and Lil Fame have always foreseen talent. The success of their single and gritty video from then-unknown director Hype Williams was the beginning of a montage of relentless hits.

Boasting a strong discography and a loyal fanbase, their reach has gone around the world. With their signature adlibs and distinct voices both men and women were rocking M.O.P. The song “Ante Up”, released on their Warriorz album in 2000 was an instant hit off the album but the addition of a remix with an unknown Remy Ma, Teflon and Busta Rhymes would push the song into a cult mosh pit classic. Touring the world and livening up many rap shows, M.O.P. has and always will be the cherry on top in hip hop.

Fame & Billy Danze

Only working with the best in the business, they have collaborated with DJ Premier and  DR Period. Fame also produces under the name Fizzy Womack and has produced many tracks on all M.O.P. releases.They were on major labels such as Loud, Roc-A-Fella Records, G-Unit working with the who’s who in the industry. Still able to stay true to themselves, the duo alongside their longtime manager Laze continues to tour while releasing solo projects. Fame is still on the beats while Billy Danze ushers in new artists and producers while preparing to drop his new solo album.
If you are able to catch their live show—don’t miss it. Your favorite rapper’s favorite rappers—M.O.P. has graced us with their authentic style, presence and bars and for that we salute the Mash Out Posse.

These were a few of my favorite M.O.P. tracks, what are some of yours?

The post Hip Hop’s 50th Tribute: Brooklyn’s Own M.O.P. first appeared on The Source.

The post Hip Hop’s 50th Tribute: Brooklyn’s Own M.O.P. appeared first on The Source.

October 14, 2023

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