In 2023, you can’t have a conversation about female rap without mentioning Ice Spice. The Bronx, New York native has had a standout year, proving she’s way more than a one-hit wonder with the virality of “Munch.”

Recently, Ice Spice graced the digital cover of Complex and unveiled a side of her that fans have yet to see. One major takeaway was the fact that she intentionally prayers to keep her bars simple. 

In fact, legendary director and photographer Hype Williams, who shot the cover, was trying to call Ice Spice a lyricist. She responds, “I wouldn’t consider myself a lyricist. Obviously, lyrics go into music and I do think about them. I do be having bars in my music, but they’re super simple.”

Ice Spice continues, “I want them to be digestible, I don’t want them to fly over people’s heads and they never catch it. I want people to hear it right away and be like ‘okay, that was cute.’ But it’s also fun at the same time.”

The crazy part is Ice Spice typically freestyles instead of writes. Her main producer RiotUSA commented that she never writes down her lyrics, but rather freestyles “line by line” in the recording studio.

Recently, Ice Spice made her television debut on Saturday Night Live, performing fan favorites such as “In Ha Mood” and “Pretty Girl.” She even got introduced by the one and only Taylor Swift, in which the two collaborated on “Karma.”

The post Ice Spice On Her Bars: ‘I Don’t Consider Myself A Lyricist’ first appeared on The Source.

The post Ice Spice On Her Bars: ‘I Don’t Consider Myself A Lyricist’ appeared first on The Source.

October 17, 2023

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