The surgeon who operated on DC Youngfly’s partner, Jacky Oh has broken his silence.

The mother of 3 passed away last month at the age of 32. TMZ reported she was in Miami getting a “mommy makeover” before her unexpected death. After receiving backlash on social media, Dr. Zach Okhah has responded on Instagram and made a statement in defense of his practice.

“To my past, current, and prospective patients, PH-1 Miami remains devoted to the highest quality medical care,” Dr. Okhah began. “All aesthetic procedures are performed in a hygienically, safe environment to universally recognized medical standards. I am relentlessly committed to advancing techniques in the realm of plastic surgery. Most importantly, my stuff, and I am sure that each patient is vetted, prepped and treated according to their individual. Patient history prior to any surgery. Our mission is to help our patients achieve the best possible results in the safest and most medically appropriate way possible.”

Dc Youngfly recently shared a video of him recording a song where he professes his love– “10 toes” in the wake of his loss.

“The things that I’ve seen, the things that I’ve heard, I can feel the pain inside hole inside/ The shoes that I fill, the scars of me grow/As solid as I am, I’ll never fold/ Would you see in me? What I’ve seen in me?/ A long time ago, I never fold, I stood 10 toes,” he sings.

DC expressed his current state of mind in the caption stating he’s tried his best to stay strong and keep moving forward and that his music will always reflect the trials and tribulations he goes through.

“My music has always ben based off real life AND A REFLECTION OF MY LIFE but stayin motivated and prayed up to keep goin is wat i live by,” he awrote. “My life is on display unfortunately but yal get to see me stand on the words i preach!!

“Yu gotta stay prayed up!! I didnt say im not human and im not emotional and i dont cry.. but through the storm wit the strength GOD grants you you can overcome ANYTHING.”

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June 17, 2023

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