Jacquees is best known for deeming himself the King of R&B, but now it looks like he’s dealing with some run-ins with law enforcement. The Atlanta recording artist is currently facing charges after being arrested this past weekend after an altercation with police.

Jacquees mugshot currently going viral as he has been arrested on unknown charges pic.twitter.com/mT6Fk3Z3i6

— SAY CHEESE! (@SaycheeseDGTL) June 24, 2023

News of his arrest first circulated online, after his mugshot went completely viral on Twitter. Allegedly, the “Bed” singer was arrested after police claimed he bit a female employee at a Local Tap bar near the Mall of Georgia. They say Jacquees tried to flee the scene in a Ferrari.

Police arrived on the scene, in which the victim and witnesses informed them that the real name Rodriquez Broadnax was being “loud and boisterous,” while intoxicated and fighting with security. He was arrested at 1:26 am on Friday morning and released on a $3700 bond hours later. 

The charges were simple battery and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers. 

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June 28, 2023

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