Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, producer, and actor Jeremih is back with a hot new single that is set to make waves worldwide. Titled “Room,” the track features acclaimed artists Adekunle Gold and 2 Chainz, bringing together three unique sounds and styles on one universal banger.

Jeremih, known for his chart-topping hits and smooth vocals, effortlessly delivers his signature croon over a laidback bounce, setting the seductive tone as he invites listeners to “Baby, let’s get a room.” Adding to the mix, 2 Chainz from Atlanta delivers his unmistakable bars, injecting the track with his distinct flavor. Meanwhile, Nigerian sensation Adekunle Gold infuses the song with the vibrant spirit and energy of Afrobeats, showcasing his intercontinental flair.

“Room” marks Jeremih’s first release of 2023 and will captivate fans worldwide with its infectious beats and irresistible charm. The collaboration between these talented artists from different regions creates a unique blend that showcases their individual talents while maintaining a cohesive sound.

Available now via Def Jam Recordings, “Room” is poised to dominate the charts and become a summer anthem. With its global appeal and the star power of Jeremih, Adekunle Gold, and 2 Chainz, this track is set to leave a lasting impression on music lovers everywhere.

The post Jeremih Releases New Single “Room” Feat. 2 Chainz and Adukunle Gold first appeared on The Source.

The post Jeremih Releases New Single “Room” Feat. 2 Chainz and Adukunle Gold appeared first on The Source.

July 18, 2023

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