Joe Budden is back with episode 665 of his podcast, which is a reaction to an onslaught of disses and mentions from Drake and his team following criticism of the For All the Dogs album.

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— The JBP (@JoeBuddenPod) October 11, 2023

Budden details what being on the receiving end of a big moment on the Internet was like, and Drake DM’d him a voice note after he slandered his lifestyle.

“He jumps in my DMs,” Budden said, receiving the message during his girlfriend’s son’s birthday party. “I ain’t lying. He jumped right in my DMs, and I’m pacing around, smoking. He DMs me with a 55-second voice note. I can’t tell you what it said cause I didn’t listen to it. You gotta speak to me with love.”

JBP co-host Meylssa Ford asked if he wanted to play it on air, to which Budden replied no. “If I was one of these clout-chasing ass niggas that’s exactly what I would come in here and do. But I’m too thorough at my core and my soul. Protecting energy is a thing. Y’all don’t talk to me when I say favorable things any other time, don’t fucking talk to me now.”

He added, “The way y’all appear to feel about Hip-Hop media, who the fuck are y’all to think you should be granted the luxury of dishonesty.”

You can hear it from Budden below.

Drake dms Joe Budden @JoeBuddenPod

— Johnny (@johnnyflash__) October 11, 2023

The post Joe Budden Reveals Private DMs from Drake During New Podcast Episode first appeared on The Source.

The post Joe Budden Reveals Private DMs from Drake During New Podcast Episode appeared first on The Source.

October 11, 2023

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