Jordan Brand has announced the highly anticipated release of Luka Dončić’s second signature shoe, the Luka 2. Building upon the success of the Luka 1, this new iteration is designed to enhance on-court performance, focusing on efficient speed while ensuring comfort and balance – qualities that Luka himself values in a shoe. The Luka 2 is specifically tailored to accommodate multidirectional movements, including Luka’s signature step-back move.

“I still can’t believe I have my own signature shoe with Jordan Brand, and now we’re already on the Luka 2,” Dončić states. “The technology keeps getting better, and I hope people feel the same special connection with this one that I have.”

Drawing inspiration from Luka’s unique and deceptive playing style, Jordan Brand has combined their exclusive innovations, the full-length Formula23 and IsoPlate, in the Luka 2. These technologies work in synergy with the new medial Cushlon 3.0 wedge foam to provide optimal foot control, quick acceleration, and enhanced traction during pivotal moments on the court.

The Luka 2 boasts a range of captivating colorways, each with its own distinct details. Notably, the ‘Lake Bled’ colorway pays homage to Luka’s home country of Slovenia and features sustainable materials, aligning with Jordan Brand’s commitment to eco-friendly practices.

“I hope my journey, from a kid in Slovenia dreaming of playing in the NBA, can inspire people everywhere to go after their dreams and stay true to themselves no matter what.”

– Luka Dončić

Fans and basketball enthusiasts can look forward to the release of the Luka 2, which will undoubtedly elevate their performance on the court. Stay tuned for the official launch dates for each colorway and prepare to experience the cutting-edge technology and style of Luka Dončić’s second signature shoe from Jordan Brand.

Quai54 (RETAIL: June 23 in Europe, July 8 globally): Quai 54 is the world’s biggest streetball tournament. This colorway celebrates the 20th anniversary. Colors are inspired by Pan-Africanism and feature a pattern unique to this year’s milestone: a repeating double-x represents the tournament’s double-decade length. 

Luk.AI (RETAIL: July 11, early access July 5): Luka is embracing what’s next with Luk.AI, which is the core inspiration to the Luka 2 “Luk.AI” colorway. Representative to the world that Luk.AI lives in, the colorway features black, purple, glow-in-the-dark accents and a speckle of paint across the IsoPlate that gives it a futuristic feel.

Nebula (RETAIL: July 27): Leaning into the deceptive prowess that Luka has on court, the Luka 2 “Nebula” colorway pays off one of Luka’s favorite PEs from his past – the Air Jordan XXXV Low “Cosmic Deception.” The tie-dye inspired colorway resembles a nebula in outer space, with vibrant pink, purple, gray, orange and mint hues blend together.

Matador (RETAIL: August 3): Inspired by previous PEs and his early professional career in Madrid, the Luka 2 “Matador” colorway features a blend of teals on the upper with metallic gold logos and speckles.

Lake Bled (RETAIL: September 14): When Luka is in his bag, his game is a lot like his home country of Slovenia—a beautiful expression of efficiency. The Luka 2 “Lake Bled” reflects a lake that’s located in one of the most sustainable places on the planet.


004 luka 2 lukai 2


005 luka 2 lukai 3


006 luka2 final fa23 jd bbrev luka2 q54 product superiority detail 1 2688×1400 sg fq1153 100


007 luka2 final fa23 jd bbrev luka2 nebula product superiority detail 1 2688×1400 sg dx8733 005


008 luka2 final fa23 jd bbrev luka2 matador product superiority detail 1 2688×1400 sg dx8733 300


009 luka2 final fa23 jd bbrev luka2 lake bled product superiority detail 1 2688×1400 sg dx9013 400


010 fa23 jd bbrev luka2 dx8733 001 on body ldoncic stmt top scanning cf re


011 fa23 jd bbrev luka2 dx8733 001 on body ldoncic jamsuit lukavslukai cf v2 re


012 fa23 jd bbrev luka2 dx8733 001 on body ldoncic stmt top stepback cf re


001 jordanbrand bbrev luka2 lukai product superiority detail 1 sg dx8733 0010


002 luka 2 lukai 5


003 luka 2 lukai 4

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June 22, 2023

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