Lil Tjay has released the heartfelt and introspective new single “June 22nd.”

Showcasing his unique blend of melodic skills, New York flavor, and captivating storytelling, the 22-year-old platinum rapper delves into his personal journey. With poignant lyrics, Lil Tjay provides a glimpse into the events and emotions that preceded the life-altering incident of being shot on the fateful day of “June 22nd.”

Through this vulnerable and honest track, he shares his experiences and trauma, allowing listeners to connect with his story profoundly.

“It’s been a long road,” Lil Tjay said. “A year ago being in New York City for the first time without security didn’t think it’d change my life, but it did and I’m blessed to have a second chance.”

“June 22” will be from Lil TJay’s upcoming album 222, which is set for release on July 14. YOu can hear the single below.

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June 23, 2023

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