Would it be a Drake timestamp single if it didn’t get a lil spicy? Drake dropped “8AM in Charlotte” overnight, featuring his son Adonis and a gang of squad flanking the rapper in a warehouse. As with everyhting Drake, people got to breaking down the lyrics, circling around the third verse and suggesting it might be aimed at Kanye West.

Handle beef so quiet, you think that I’m lettin’ it slide
Next thing you know, we tip-toein’ past enemy lines
Diss me so long ago, we making your memories fly
Conspiracy theories start floatin’ ’round like the Kennedy guy
I’ll prolly hold a grudge against you guys ’til I’m seventy-five
Ayy, niggas lyin’ for a livin’, I couldn’t relate
We all gotta lay in the bed we make, but that couldn’t be Drake
You forced a lot of fake love when real ones stood in your face
That’s why you got deserted by your niggas like puddin’ and cake
I got you on camera bowin’ down, but the footage is safe
Thank God, another USB to put in the safe

– Drake on “8AM in Charlotte”

Think it’s any legs to the Kanye association? Let us know.

8AM IN CHARLOTTE @Drake pic.twitter.com/tDvrAvjpTl

— OVO Sound (@OVOSound) October 5, 2023

The post Rap Fans Suspect Drake Dissed Kanye West on “8AM in Charlotte” first appeared on The Source.

The post Rap Fans Suspect Drake Dissed Kanye West on “8AM in Charlotte” appeared first on The Source.

October 5, 2023

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