Ray J and Bobby Brackins have historically proven to make hit records together, dating back to 2019’s “143” and 2013’s “I Hit It First.” Now, the dynamic duo return for their newest collaboration titled “On Top,” with a cinematic music video to match.

The song itself features the Bay Area’s own P-Lo, adding that perfect West Coast flair. Boasting an undeniably catchy hook, “On Top” conveys empowerment, whether you’re in the bedroom or simply elevating in life.

Regarding the record, Bobby Brackins states, “I’ve written a lot of songs that masses have gravitated to and ‘On Top’ is one I feel people will genuinely appreciate. Ray J and I have had two songs that have made a lot of noise, we are a dynamic duo. We are enthusiastic about ‘On Top’ and are ready to give it the full push it deserves.”

To promote “On Top,” Ray J and Bobby Brackins are celebrating with a single release party this Saturday, Sept. 16th, at Westwood in San Francisco. Ray J will also give away $25K cash for the best rider on the mechanical bull. That’s a large sum of money!

To further push the record, Ray J also announces the #OnTopChallenge, where he will be giving away $100 a day for the most creative video made on TikTok.

Bobby Backins adds, “Certainly, Ray J is a legend, he’s done so much for the culture. He has the talent, charisma, and networking skills to really elevate anything he is focused on. His independent hustle is extraordinary. He’s ready to make plays and not wait around for others to dictate our endeavors. With that being said, ‘On Top’ has one destination, to be on top.”

The post Ray J & Bobby Brackins Announce Bull-Riding Contest, Giving Away $25K first appeared on The Source.

The post Ray J & Bobby Brackins Announce Bull-Riding Contest, Giving Away $25K appeared first on The Source.

September 12, 2023

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