Reebok has taken a trip down memory lane by returning the iconic “ATR Pump Vert” sneaker and a matching apparel capsule for Fall/Winter 2023. Originally launched in 1993, this sneaker was prominently featured in beloved sports films like “Above the Rim” and “Blue Chips.” It was a favorite among basketball players worldwide during the 1990s.

The “ATR” range was created to celebrate the cultural influences surrounding basketball during that era. Now, for the first time, Reebok is reintroducing the “ATR Pump Vert” sneaker, featuring the same black-and-white design and its distinctive custom-fit Pump technology.

The accompanying ATR apparel capsule includes black hoodies, shorts, and a collection of tees, all inspired by the style of “Above the Rim.”

Sneaker enthusiasts and fans of basketball culture can get their hands on the “ATR Pump Vert” and the matching “Above the Rim” apparel starting October 27. The collection will be available on and at select retailers. Don’t miss out on the chance to relive a piece of ’90s basketball history.


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RB0082 FW23 ATR OCT Teaser Carousel

The post Reebok Revives Iconic ‘ATR Pump Vert’ Sneaker and Apparel Capsule for FW23 first appeared on The Source.

The post Reebok Revives Iconic ‘ATR Pump Vert’ Sneaker and Apparel Capsule for FW23 appeared first on The Source.

October 16, 2023

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