AND1, the legendary basketball apparel and footwear brand that left a lasting impact on streetball culture in the 1990s, is making a grand comeback. This summer, AND1 is hunting for the next great street baller and relaunching its renowned Open Run series with an exciting tour of intense streetball competitions. The tour will kick off in Philadelphia and will feature electrifying events such as dunk contests, Queen of the Court battles, and 3-on-3 games.

To make this event even more special, AND1 has partnered with the Mid-Range Morris Basketball League (MMBL), a community-driven organization dedicated to fighting gun violence and promoting unity in Philadelphia. The Open Run will be hosted at the MMBL Shuler Playground, creating a vibrant atmosphere for streetball enthusiasts.

The event will be live-streamed on CLASH TV, allowing fans worldwide to witness the thrilling matchups and impressive skills on display. Joining the festivities will be basketball luminaries such as Dexter Gordon, AND1 Brand Director; Aaron “AO” Owens, original AND1 Mixtape Player and Philadelphia native; Rafer “Skip 2 My Lou” Alston, original AND1 Mixtape Player; Shane “The Dribble Machine” Woney, original AND1 Mixtape Player; Duke Tango, AND1’s MC of the Mixtape Tour; and Briana Green, a Harlem Globetrotter and influential figure in the basketball community.

Interested participants can sign up at this link

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July 7, 2023

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